Accidents happen: Learning to discipline while being patient with your dog


Coconut’s look of guilt

Whether you’re dealing with a newly adopted adult dog or a young pup, household accidents can happen.

Coconut is still adjusting to his new home. So even though he IS completely house trained (thank God), he did manage to leave us a fresh, stinky gift on our basement carpet. Now, I can’t blame this accident solely on Coconut. This accident was partially my fault too. It was a learning experience for the both of us.

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A doggy’s birthday: Easy and healthy chicken cake recipe


Monday June 8, 2015 | Coconut turns 3

If you’re as crazy about your dog as I am, then you’re probably thrilled to spoil your dog on any given opportunity. But really, the only guilt-free opportunity for you to GO OFF on spoiling your four-legged friend is of course…on their birthday!

I am excited to share this dog-friendly cake recipe with you. Take comfort in knowing exactly what you’re feeding your pooch. It’s simple, quick to prepare, hearty, and healthy. And of course, your dog will love you for it.

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The DO’s and DON’T’s for when you spot a tick on your pooch

When you first get your new dog, every little thing that happens to them can scare the shit out of you.

Seriously, everything.

Anything from your dog having different coloured poop to them merely scratching behind their ear can trigger alarms in your head. When the alarms trigger, you enter “protective mother” mode. In protective mother mode, suddenly, your new dog might be infected with Lyme disease, has fleas or an ear infection, or is being eaten alive by tapeworms (which isn’t what actually happens by the way).

What I’ve learned from a recent tick exposure experience is to AVOID PANICKING.

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The adjustment period: What to expect on your first night with an adopted dog


Soucre: Gallery Hip

After the excitement of exploring new territory dwindled down for Coconut over the course of the day, his anxiety developed once night time hit. At first, I was confident that Coconut would easily become attached to me and that everything would run smoothly right away. But to my surprise, he wasn’t as needy as I thought. Instead, it was a long and restless night for the both of us.

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Why having a dog is a dream come true

Living with a dog makes you happier.

Source: myregalbeagle, Vine

While this is true, I, at nearly 20 years old, am still living in the dog-less dark.

For you pet owners/lovers out there, you probably remember the times when you were a kid, where you cried and begged your parents for a puppy (or whatever pet you desperately wanted) at least twice a year: once on your birthday and once for Christmas. Those were the times when both your parents and Santa were your worst enemy because even though getting a dog was the ONLY thing on your wish-list, you woke up to a stocking stuffed with ankle socks and stickers. Like gee thanks Santa. Looks like you won’t be getting anymore milk and cookies.

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